The Traveling Spartan

What makes a race the optimal spot for traveling? 

There are many reasons Spartans choose certain races they are willing to travel to. What type of traveling Spartan are you? 

  1. The odds are in my favor Spartan 

This Spartan knows what the points and podium spots mean for their sponsors or for the potential of picking up sponsors. This type will track their top competitors and race the races whom he/she knows their stats will look prime. You will rarely see this Spartan at an NBC televised race. 

  • The social butterfly Spartan

This Spartan has developed a strong close knit family amongst the Spartan community and can’t stay away from his/her friends for too long. This Spartan counts down the days before their next Spartan and before they leave one race spot they already have their next Spartan destination planned.

  • Once an athlete, always an athlete Spartan

College athletes need to feel that drive and rush of competing long after graduation is over. Spartan has given these athletes a chance to compete and train again using all of their previous skills and enjoy doing what they love, competing. It’s not just a second chance to “make it as a professional athlete” but a chance not to just reminisce about past success. No one wants to be Uncle Rico. 

  • Reality bites Spartan

The real world can be fun at times, but this Spartan just needs to escape the real world from time to time and follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and enjoy wonderland. This Spartan travels based on destination and uses it to explore new spots. He/she will pick new spots each year and rarely travel twice to the same location. 

  • The die hard Spartan

This Spartan is the one you see on Instagram with medals stacked on their chest so thick they make Mr. T jealous. They can’t get enough of Spartans and have revolved their whole free time based on what Spartan they are going to next. 

  • The newbie Spartan

This is my first time racing a Spartan. What type of shoes should I wear? This was all of us at one point in time. This Spartan doesn’t go further than 2 hours away from their home. Then the next year arrives and it’s time for the trifecta. It’s all uphill from there. 

Which traveling Spartan will the newbie become? 

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