The things we do for fun

Getting out there and trying new things helps us become stronger and wiser. We push ourselves to the ultimate limit. At first, we hate ourselves for placing such torture upon our bodies, but at the finish, the accomplishment of what we have completed is more then we have been able to do before.

Do not be afraid to try new things or push yourself past anything that has come before. This is your time to shine and make a difference for not only yourself but those closest to you. Get out there and enjoy life. Sometimes the daily stress of life is only something to hold you back.

Each of us has the power to change things for a more positive outlook and better health. Get out there and make a difference. Stop feeling sorry for yourself or not being able to find the time. All obstacles can be overcome and sometimes you need your teammates to help.

Never be afraid to lend a helping hand. Get out there get dirty and be a positive influence on those people you care about. Don’t let people look at you weird because your out somewhere flipping logs or tires. Just ask them to try it. Let’s get our family and friends more active.

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