Spartan Race Series on NBC

Last night I finally had a chance to sit and watch the Breckenridge, CO Spartan Race. Let me just say I loved the new format of the show and my attention was engaged for the whole show. So many great athletes and amazing stories that make you want to jump to the next starting line. The inclusion of the various athletes backgrounds and experiences makes the show… REALITY.

Yesterday NBC passed along series pickup for a new reality show called, “Spartan Race.” The Hollywood REPORTER shared the show would come from the producers of American Ninja Warrior. The new Spartan Race series will show teams of five competing for a large cash prize. Each team will have two women, two men, and an elite Spartan athlete. Spartan Race is currently in the casting phase and you can enter your information for a chance to be a part of this new show by going to Spartan Casting. It is time to bring OCR to living rooms all over the world.

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